How to delete suggested url in chrome


Sometimes one can find this really annoying when you are trying to access a site through your browser, and in return you get a bunch of unnecessary suggestions. They may be not only irritating, but also confusing. Chrome’s developers made up a suggested web pages’ option specifically for faster searching for what we want to find. But if by accident or negligence we entered the address of the site incorrectly, it will still be kept for future clues. They will pop up every time in front of the eyes. How do I make sure all the saved sites that I don't need disappear? Surprisingly it can be done very quickly.

How to Remove URL Suggestions Chrome via Keyboard Combination  

The fastest way is to utilize the keypad. We are to start the browser by Chrome, we need to introduce the beginning of the site address, which we want to destroy from the variants. Just a few of the first letters shall be enough. Once it appears in the tooltip list, press the down arrow on the keyboard until you select the desired address. Now we need to grip Shift + Delete (if you're a Windows user) or Fn + Shift + Delete (if you're a Mac user) and finally Alt + Shift + Backspace (for Chromebook holders). All the unnecessary sites’ suggestions are removed from tooltips now! The downside of such an option is that it is worth pressing something wrong, and Chrome will memorize this incorrect address and will give it out in the tooltips again.

How to Clear Suggested Websites Chrome via Manual Removal via Search History Cleanup

In the upper-right corner, click on three dots, and then go to History.

 Now we are find the deletion of data in the pages viewed (the same can be done using the CTRL + Shift + Del keyboard pressing). The window of settings opens in front of us; now it is necessary to mark a tick opposite the first option — browser history. You can also specify a time range covering the savings to be deleted. Now click to delete data, ready! 

How to Remove URL Suggestions Using Extensions

It is unpleasant when your friends or just guests in your home suddenly find themselves with you at your personal computer. Especially if Google Chrome shows up all the pages, you have navigated before. This information is of no use for anyone; you would love to be sure that no one will see the excess. If you share a workplace/computer with your colleagues or for any other reason have to remove prompts from the address bar, and also the browser's history and any other private data, extensions can come in handy. Click & Clean tool is just one of those. After the installation is complete, open your browser settings and find a large purple button to clear your personal browser information. At the top of the page you will see 3 tabs, go to the Chrome one, where you will see the trash bin icon; mark what you would like to destroy and complete the cleanup. 

Save the selected settings to perform regular cleaning faster. Now each time you run it the extension will delete accurately what you chose.

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