Prepare your PC before installation

To prepare your PC for NVIDIA drivers installation make sure to follow these steps first.

  • Check the settings of the graphics card: have a look at your graphics card, whether it is set in a correct way; is GPU put completely into the PCI-E department; is all the hardware properly attached.  When everything is checked, you can go to the following step.

  • Ensure your graphics card is properly connected to the monitor. Some things may seem elementary, but we all sometimes miss simple details. Just in case double check whether those two are connected.

  • Clean your PC from all the previous video drivers. Follow this piece of advice to avoid conflicts between old and new driver you are going to install.

How to install new drivers for Nvidia 

Once you have gone through the preparation steps, there are two options. 

  1. The firts way is to find the Nvidia drivers download web page. Here you need to fill in the windows to select the drivers depending upon the type of the video card, its series, the OS you use on your computer. 

  2. What is left is the window drive type. Just put it as standard and install GeForce Experience simultaneously and it will help upgrade your driver type if necessary. When it is all done, mark the type of downloading as GRD that stands for game ready driver. When you complete the form, you will be able to find the suitable driver pack and easily download it to your computer. 

  3. The second option is to use GeForce Experience software, an official program available on The program scans your PC to search for hardware and installs or updates drivers in case there are old ones already installed.

    Set automatic updates to always have drivers refreshed. For this click on the properties and then the update driver section. Shall there be any updates for you, they will be reflected, go to Express Instalation. After the instalation is finished, ensure the settings of the system store are correctly set to roll back if it is necessary. Using this tool you can always go back to the moment before the drivers were updated.

Now that you have read our advice, you know the best way to install nvidia drivers. If you have any difficulties, contact us, our work is to help you.

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