How To Map A Network Drive On Windows 10

How to map a network drive on Windows 10

Finding files on a PC usually requires accessing local hard disks. But imagine you are far away, but still need to use some files. One of the solutions would be to map a network disk. What does it mean? It means that there is a resource in the system which says that the files from this resource will be accessible on all PC disks within the network regardless of their locations.

There are two ways to map a network drive on Windows 10. Let us explain each of them step-by-step:

1) First, open the file explorer. Either click the hot key if you have one, or press simultaneously Win + Ekeys.

2) Press “This PC” to see all local disks. “This PC” is in the list to the left of the file search box.

3) Now go to the “Computer” tab in the upper left part of the window and click “Map Network Drive”. You will see a dialogue window.

4) Choose a letter that you want to be displayed next to the disk.

5) Click “Browse” to look through the drives and choose the one you need. Then select a shared file.

6) Fill in your username and password.

7) Check the “Reconnect at Logon” box and/or “using different credentials”.

8) Click “Finish” to see the new folder under “This PC”.

The other option is to use the command line as follows:

1) To enter a command, open the command line prompt at the top left side of your desktop or by typing “Cmd” in the search box.

2) After the command window opens, type the following: net use x: \\computer name\sharename, where “X” stands for the drive letter and “sharename” is the path to the shared folder you would like to map.

3) By default, after a restart, the mapped resource will be removed. To make it permanent, type the following command: net use x: \\computer name\sharename /P: yes

4) To remove all existing shared drives, enter net use *: /delete or net use x: /delete, where “X” stands for a particular drive to be deleted.

Now you can map network drives on Windows 10 in just a couple of minutes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our experts.
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