If you do not know how to scan QR on iPhone, this is the right article for you. Although QR codes are still not very popular, many services use them to keep and share information or locations. With an iPhone, it is very easy to find a QR code, because developers of Apple production introduced the QR reader into the camera. 

How to scan a QR code on iPhone and iPad

It is a simple instruction to scan QR code on iPhone and iPad just in a few steps:

The first thing to do is to run the camera application on an iPhone or your iPad and put it on the QR code you want to scan. You do not have to press the shutter button; iOS devices grab QR codes automatically when the camera recognizes them. Once the code is recognized, you will see a notification on your screen. The most important is internet or Wi-Fi connection while scanning. Otherwise, the QR code will not be taken correctly. When you see the notification, press to the destination it leads to and it will bring you to a web page, location, application or whatever.

Wallet app also has a set camera. This is how you can pay without using a bankcard. All you need is to open a wallet application and press the plus to scan and this way add a Pass. Once you have done so, you can read QR codes with your phone and get tickets, shopping coupons, boarding passes, etc., all the things treated as passes. 

Another option is to download any of the QR readers from the Appstore, there are both free and paid ones.

Now you know how to scan qr code on iphone and ipad, there is nothing easier. Shall you be confused or if anything goes wrong, remember we are here to support you. Our specialists are a great team of technicians aimed to help you.

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