How to stop Windows 10 updates


Automatic updates are specifically designed to increase the OS stability, speed up running time, and optimize various processes occurring in the system. Its speed, responsiveness of the device, various failures and mistakes — everything improves. Besides, in new editions of Windows, updates often bring new capabilities. Troubleshooting methods are improved, support for the latest hardware and fresh features are added. 

Why do we sometimes want to stop installing updates Windows 10? 

The main downside of renewals refers to a huge variety of computer equipment. System developers cannot, even if they wish, release updates that work equally well on all devices. With one hardware structure, updates will be perfectly installed and functional, while with others they can lead to a complete system failure and a critical BSOD error when the PC is starting. Any updates pose a potential risk to the OS. Because of some renewals, the device may lose performance, moreover, in some cases may stop loading at all. 

How to Stop Windows 10 Update Using Settings 

Windows 10 does not offer an easy way to interrupt current renewals. The habitual classic renewals center is removed from the control panel and if you try to find it there now, you will not find it. However, the system does allow us to pause renewals temporarily. A new center is located in the system configurations section. The only pattern available allows scheduling a mandatory reboot. Here we can specify the desired day and time to reboot, or to re-start straight away. You can also choose the way to receive renewals. The choice is not rich and consists of only two options: 

• Automatic — updates come automatically; they are followed by an automatic re-start; 

• Notify about reboot planning — OS updating occurs automatically as well, but you can settle a convenient time for a renovation.

1. To access it, find the “Start” menu in down left screen corner, and then open configurations. 

2. Proceed to “Update & Security”. 

3. Developers added a special option to this application. After its activation, refreshments will stop for max a 35 days' time. 

It is also possible to disable only security refreshments for a 30 days’ period as much. To stop automatic updates windows 10 (only security part), go down the steps below: 

It is all the same as with how to stop automatic updates windows 10, with only one difference: at the very end of the advanced options, there is a small window; here you can indicate for how many days to disable security renewals. When this time interval is over, renewals will go on appearing. 

How to Disable Updates Using your Group Policy 

Another manner to achieve disabling of Windows 10 renewals is to do it via alternative group policy settings.

There are two ways to do it: 


1. Press the Start button.

2. Into the search line indicate the following: gpedit.msc.

3. Press onto the very first result.

4. In the column on your left you are supposed to see a list of folders, search for Windows Updates' folder.

5. Now in the list look for Configure Automatic Updates, it is in the middle of the list.

7. Command Disabled and Apply the changes.

8. When you are done, press OK to stop renewals for good. Shall you need new features, you will be able to download and install them manually from the Windows Update center, just enter the center to check whether there are any renovations.


In case permanent disabling would not work, there is an option to alter the settings in order to reduce auto installation and replace auto-download with simple notifications of updates. Therefore, you will still be aware of updates, but you will be able to decide when to install them.

In case you are interested, follow the same steps but instead of Disabled introduce Enabled. When you go a little bit lower on the same window, there is a list of options. The most suitable is number 2 (To notify for download & auto install). Press Apply — OK to save the changes.

How to Disable Automatic Updates Using Registry

Important warning: this method may be perilous if you are not an advanced user. If you do not know how to handle computer settings properly, this method is highly NOT recommended. If you still try to use the registry to disable updates, we strongly suggest creating a reserve OS copy so that in case of failure you could restore its previous version!

There are also two manners to do it via registry: to deactivate and to reduce the coming updates.


1. On the down left corner click on Start and introduce regedit into the search line. Alternatively, press the combination of Windows + R buttons to open the search box.

2. The editor of registry will come up. Set the following command to search for: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.

3. In the new window on your left there is a list of folders, click Windows, then New and Key (both top). The new key is to be called WindowsUpdate (without space)

4. Save the changes.

5. Click on the fresh folder with the right button and create a new Key. It is to be named AU (capitals).

6. Open the new AU folder. Make up DWORD (32-bit) Value pressing the right mouse button.

7. Save this new key as NoAutoUpdate (no spaces).

8. In the value data’s line indicate 1 and finish the operation by clicking OK

9. Now go to the start button to do a re-start.

To sum it all up, we would like to mention once again: monthly updates are developed mainly with the goal of improving the quality of the computer, its stability and increasing the steadiness of the security system. Paradoxically, sometimes they themselves may cause crashes and problems of the operating system. In addition, new features that are updated can nullify the settings of third-party programs, such as, e.g., miners, and then users have to set their settings again and again, spending, or it is better to say wasting lots of time. This is highly inconvenient, and disrupts all the work of programs. This is one of the reasons, why you may want to know how to stop automatic updates windows 10. Now, using our instructions, you can try to stop auto update in Windows 10, disable the downloading of system innovations and organize their activation.

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