How To Use Google Assistant

Facts you didn’t know about Google Assistant

You must have heard of voice “secretaries” living in smartphones, e.g. Alexa or iOS Siri. Well, here is another one: Google Assistant. If you have devices working on Android OS, you are lucky to try out functions Google Assistant is able to do. Its repertoire is broader than one might imagine.

How to use my Google Assistant?

Well, first of all it needs to be activated. Open “Settings” and scroll to “Google Assistant”, find “OK Google” and set it ON. Now that it is set, hold the “Home” button and command “OK Google”. You can always change the starting phrase to “Hey, Google”.

To get acquainted with your personal voice helper, let’s have a look at the best ways to use it:

1. Save time with Easy Unlock. Nowadays, when every second matters, it is especially irritating when, as you are trying to find the fastest route, the smart phone requires your fingerprint or screen password preventing a quick “OK, Google” response. There is a way out known as Trusted Voice. When enabled, it easily recognizes your voice, and a fingerprint is not required.

2. Busy, or hands dirty? Applications can now be opened without a touch. Just command “OK Google, open…” followed by the name of the app.

3. Fewer spam calls, less distraction. With the help of Call Screen, we can control incoming calls and filter out telemarketers. This tool answers calls for you while displaying the transcript of the dialogue so that, if it is not worth spending time on, you can mark this conversation as spam. In the latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, there is a Call Screen Feature built-in. Previous versions will be able to use it after an OS update.

4. Use Google search capabilities. Search images for a purpose or just for fun. Enjoy the power of Google search integrated into your voice assistant.

5. Find a well-rated place for a meal or dance. Let your personal adviser recommend you the nearest gourmet spots, their ratings and main features to decide where to go today.

6. Draw inspiration for best vacation ideas. Ask Google Assistant to help you find outstanding places to visit. Just say, “OK Google, give me the best countries to visit in February”, and it will come up with a list of recommendations.

7. Watch favorite videos with one command. Say “Play ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ on Netflix,” and the show begins. You don’t have to specify the app, but experiment with different variants to get best search results.

8. Expand your knowledge. Google Assistant is able to test your knowledge in lots of topics. Imagine you are interested in law. Simply say, “Talk to Civil Code Quiz”. The assistant keeps track of your progress and shows you the total scores.

9. Let Google Assistant read you the latest news. Get the news read by Google Assistant. You simply need to press the “Home” button and, after the assistant asks: “How may I help you?”, answer: “Good morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening”, depending on the time of the day. Google Assistant will return your greeting and inform you about the weather and the latest news taken from the sources you chose earlier.

10. Cheer up, catch the good vibes. Google Assistant has another nice feature. When you feel annoyed, upset, or plain bored, just ask it: “Tell me good news” or “Tell me a good story” and you will get a list of snippets with uplifting and encouraging information. Should you be interested in finding out more, simply follow a link.

11. Get the latest sports news. With the help of Google Assistant, sports fans will always stay up to date with the latest events as well as the results of yesterday’s games and timetables of future matches. Just ask who won this or that game.

12. Your plans will never be ruined by bad weather. Giving up on your plans in the last minute because of the weather is always very frustrating. Let Google Assistant get you a weather forecast for the coming weekend or any other day, including the outside temperature right now.

13. Keep in touch with your family. When you are out but want to feel closer to your family, you can send home a voice message. It will be delivered directly to the Google Home speakers so that your children can hear you or read your message if they prefer this way of receiving messages: the assistant will prepare a transcript of your recording.

14. Buy online tickets to a movie. No more need of waiting in a queue! Find the movie you would like to watch and buy tickets online, your voice assistant will help you with both. On Fandango, say the title or the starring actors to find a movie. You will see the showtimes in theaters to choose from.

15. Listen to music hands free. Prompt: “Play music” and enjoy your favorite songs right away without touching the screen. Before using this feature, remember to download a playlist to your Pixel. You can add up to ten devices to you Play Music tool, and all of them will be used as music sources.

16. Third-party apps connected with Google Assistant. Set up a time planner by asking Google Assistant to make up meetings or appointments synchronized with the Calendar. Go through incoming emails from Google Mail, etc. Google Assistant also supports other apps.

17. Forget about forgetting! There are important things you’d better remember. Seek help from your “personal secretary” and ask to set up a reminder of any event that is important for you. When the time comes, you will receive a notification.

18. Keep track of where your things are. We often lose something or forget where we left some small things such as keys or a tape-measure, etc. Google Assistant will take care of those for you: just say “OK Google, remember that my tape-measure is in the cupboard behind the fridge”.

19. Take advantage of a professional shopping assistant. Google Assistant keeps shopping lists. You can always add or delete things on the go, just name things you want to buy and the helper will suggest adding them to your list. Actually, there can be multiple lists (birthdays, Xmas, weddings, etc.). Whenever you come across a gift idea, ask Google Assistant to save it to a list.

20. Meet Leslie. Leslie is a professional loan finder powered by artificial intelligence. Ask your voice helper “OK Google, talk to Loan Expert” and it is there for you, ready to answer any questions. If you have any doubt about most popular loan offers, don’t hesitate to ask Leslie. It will ask you a few questions and get you a list of loan plans based on your answers (using a partner’s platform).

21. Wake up happy. Another very nice thing Google Assistant can do is to set an alarm. There is nothing easier, just say “Wake me up at…” Moreover, you can choose a song to which you would like to wake up the next day and “tune in” for a happy day. The assistant picks up music from customized sources. With Google Routines tool you can go even further: have your news read to you at a certain time or get the lights turned on after the alarm is dismissed.

22. Follow the best route. Getting directions has never been easier. Do you want to get home as fast as possible or find your way in a place you are visiting for the first time? Ask Google Assistant to help you. If you live in New York City, you can even find schedules of the local public transport and locate the nearest bus stop or subway station.

23. Send quick text messages. Google Assistant can take dictation. Command “OK Google, send a message to (a recipient’s name)” and start dictating. Once finished, you can either ask to send the message to a chosen contact right away or edit it first.

24. Fast flight check-in . Thanks to the partnership between Google and United Airlines, Google Assistant can check you in for a flight if it is saved to your Calendar: no need to enter confirmation numbers manually! You can also ask your voice secretary to find and book accommodation. The results will be collected from sources like Travelclick, Choice Hotels, or Priceline.

25. No more burnt turkey. How to use Google Assistant when cooking? Set a timer, of course! Cook meals as long as it takes and you won’t forget you are cooking when your timer is set.

26. Find your favorite TV show without flipping through channels. Google Assistant helps you find programs of your interest. Simply ask: “When is … on next?” or “What channel shows …” and plug in the title of the show.

27. Who calculates instead of you? Not everyone is good with numbers. Google Assistant can add 65975 to 1269853 in a split second, just try and you will see. Isn’t it surprising how many smartphone features Google Assistant can leverage!

28. Stressed and depressed? Google Assistant is always here by your side. When you feel exhausted and frustrated, get uplifting motivational quotes from great minds. Draw inspiration at random or prompt for quotes on a specific topic.

29. I’m bored out of my wits. Help! All of us feel bored sometimes. Let your voice assistant entertain you. Tell it you are bored to get funny jokes and videos or play games everybody likes.

30. Use the power of Google Search. Keep in mind that Google Assistant uses the Google Search platform to find answers to your questions. It fishes them out of a vast ocean of information! You can treat your assistant as a walking encyclopedia. Ask all that arouses interest to expand your horizons.

31. Become a polyglot. Google Assistant speaks 188 languages and can teach you, too. Order it to translate any word you need into one of the languages and — voilà! If you have difficulties with pronunciation, the assistant can read the translated words or phrases for you. If you want to learn them by heart, ask to repeat the phrase as many times as you want. If you have the Google Home system, it is possible to use the interpreter mode to arrange a bilingual dialog. On the one hand, home speakers will stream your speech translated into the language of your choice, and on the other, you will hear the speech of your partner translated for you.32. Take a snapshot to find out more. Take a photo to inform yourself about what you see around. Google Lens opens an opportunity to recognize buildings from pictures.

32.Take a snapshot to find out more. Take a photo to inform yourself about what you see around. Google Lens opens an opportunity to recognize buildings from pictures.

33. Customize your assistant’s ‘background’. Google Assistant can speak a language of your choice. Moreover, you can configure it to use a particular dialect or even ‘put on’ an accent. What’s the point? Well, somebody may want to practice before a business conference or a trip. Others wish to get used to an accent of the country they are going to move to soon. And you can do it just for fun!

34. Find movie tickets. Besides finding suitable times for visiting a movie theater in your neighborhood, with Fandango you can get information on actors and watch trailers before booking. The most outstanding feature is that one can book tickets when a movie has not even been released yet and off-line tickets are unavailable. Finally, one can choose seats to get the maximum out of the movie.

35. “Go to sleep little baby”. The cutest way to use Google Assistant is to listen to bedtime fairy tales. If you have Google Home and live in the US, Google Assistant can send extra sound effects to your home speakers as you are reading books to kids.

36. Take five and have some fun. When you feel down, ask your voice helper to tell you a joke and have a laugh. There can be jokes and funny phrases of different kinds. Remember, laughter prolongs life!

37. Set up reminders for housekeeping. Take a step into the future. Set reminders about small tasks and routines to make your life easier. Notifications appear on the connected home speakers, smart screens and phones to remind you to water flowers, feed your cat and so on.

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