Online computer help for seniors

In today’s life full of screens and various devices, some of us can sometimes find them confusing. Our staff is dedicated to provide computer help for senior citizens as well. We are here to show you that using modern computers and devices is not as complicated as it can seem and you can handle them. Our aim is to teach you in easy and clear steps how PCs and smartphones function and what you can do with them.
A team of experts will rapidly solve all the issues in your laptop using remote connection. Yes, we connect you online and you need not even leave your home. This is just the first advantage! You do not have to wait till the technician comes. There is no travel spending, which makes the work cheaper. Finally, you do not have to change your plans because your device goes wrong or you got confused and do not know what button to press - online support is available 24/7, so you can get our support at any time you see fit. Online help is accessible; it saves your time and money.
Purchase options:
One-Time Help
A single support request for one device
24.90 USD
Annual service
Unlimited number of requests
59.90 USD
When your software works slowly, you get error messages or the screen pops up with ads, when viruses freeze your screen, etc., our team specialist will explain you in easy words what happened and will connect your device to solve issues and fix the system. In case additional software is needed, an operator can install it directly into your computer. It is very convenient especially for those who do not get used to launching modern devices. Online computer help for seniors - entrust your device in our reliable hands.

How is remote computer help carried out?

The first step is to create a request. This can be done in two ways:
Message us
in the chat
Use the “Good
Deeds Service”