We rescue your devices
Help with your computer, smartphone, or tablet from the most responsive experts
Technology is easier than it seems!
Help with your computer, smartphone, or tablet from the most responsive experts
We will solve issues with your devices
Help with your computer, smartphone, or tablet from the most responsive experts

Computer help

A single support request for one device
24.90 USD
Unlimited number of requests
59.90 USD
“Good Deeds Service” helps you solve any problems related to your devices. We will fix laptop freezing, restore Internet connectivity on your smartphone, remove viruses and much more.
We provide high-quality tech support for your computer around the clock, seven days a week. In urgent cases, we will provide fast-track support for your device. “Good Deeds Service” helps restore devices using remote access.

When to contact us

Computer freeze
Computer freeze
Pop-up windows and banners
Pop-up windows and banners
Internet connection loss
Internet connection loss
Software lagging
Software lagging
Virus attacks
Virus attacks
Printer not working
Printer not working
Windows issues
Windows issues
Blue screen
Blue screen
Browser bugs
Browser bugs
Drivers missing
Drivers missing
Phone or tablet hanging
Phone or tablet hanging
Laptop overheating
Laptop overheating

The choice is yours

Fixed prices
The prices for computer services are listed on the website and will not change in the course of the service. We do not require any extra payment for the work. The only additional charges may be required if you wish to install paid software. All our work is included into the price of technical support from the start.
Annual subscription
You can order servicing of your laptop, smartphone or tablet for a whole year. The subscription is valid for one device. Any services of our IT technicians will be available to you. The price is fixed, and the number of requests and consultations is unlimited.
Experienced staff
Our team consists of qualified professionals who solve problems of any complexity quickly and efficiently. We are online 24/7 and are always ready to promptly fix your device. And you will surely be pleased with the friendliness and courtesy of our staff!
Knowledge sharing
PC tech support provided by most small companies and private freelancers ends with the solution of a problem. In contrast, we will explain you in simple terms, for instance, how to prevent similar issues in the future, or how to set up another device in an analogous way. We will always be happy to answer your questions.
Always online
It often happens that companies forget all about you after a service is completed. Any new requests are handled in a default manner as if you were a new client. By contrast, we do not forget you after a consultation or a service, and do not lose touch with you. You can always contact the same expert who helped you before by phone or in a messenger.
We will respond to your call or message instantly and promptly fix the problem on your device. Our tech helpline works around the clock, seven days a week, so you can contact us at any time: we will provide computer assistance ASAP. Our professionals help you online: in this way, we can bring your gadget back to life much faster. In some cases, it is more efficient if our employee comes to your place. Simply give us a call, and we will advise you what is better.

Our advantages

Striving for the best service
We provide round-the-clock tech support, understand your needs, help quickly, and answer any questions. We offer technical support 24/7.
All inclusive
One price for an unlimited number of calls per year. Or one-off help at a fixed cost
The most responsive experts
More than 85 experienced and dedicated professionals carefully handle devices and data you entrust to us

How to get tech help?

Need computer help? Select and purchase a service on our website
Get help
Our technician will connect to your device remotely. He will do everything to help you and your gadget.
Service engineers are now online and ready to help you.
Computers already rescued by our specialists
Mobile devices repaired
Trips made to save your devices and computers

Frequently asked questions

What is remote help?
It is an online consultation with an IT technician who will solve issues with your computer, smartphone, or tablet at a convenient time, wherever you are. He will answer all questions about your devices (by phone or in a chat) and connect to your device via a remote access program. He will ask you for an ID and password (you will see them as soon as you run the program) and get down to work.
Is remote help safe?
No worries! Once the work is done, the password for remote connection is automatically deleted, and no one (even an employee who was helping you remotely) will be able to connect to the device again. The program generates a new password for online access each time, which means that without your consent, unauthorized use of your devices is impossible.
I'd like to subscribe. How many times during a year can I ask for help?
Our tech support helpline is at your disposal all year round: you can call and message us any number of times. As part of the annual remote support, there is no daily limit: if you have several questions and problems with your subscribed device in one day, we are happy to help you and solve your problems remotely!
What services can I get with a subscription?
We solve any problems with software. This means that we will help if you need to install and configure programs, restore Windows and recover lost data, remove viruses from your device, and set up Internet connection. Check out the complete list of our services.
Will there be additional charges for services under the annual subscription?
No. You only pay the subscription fee once (59.90$), which includes more than 20 types of service for your PC, phone, or tablet. Subscription prices are fixed and are valid from January 1st to December 31st, 2018.
Will there be extra payments for licensed programs?
We install only licensed software or free alternatives of popular applications. Licensed software is paid for separately: you would need to pay the official price of the program that you want to install.
I want to get a one-time IT-help without signing up for a subscription. Is that possible?
Absolutely. You can get remote assistance (24.90$). Each such request is paid for separately in this case.
Can I be sure of the high qualification of IT technicians?
All employees of “Good Deeds Service” are very carefully selected. Our IT team consists of tech-savvy experts who love their job and do it immaculately. In addition, we pay special attention to the personal qualities of employees: all of them are very responsive, polite and caring, and are always happy to discuss issues related to devices and will help you solve any problem.

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