Online computer tech support

Remote computer help online
Experienced and responsive experts of “Good Deeds Service” will quickly help to solve a specific problem with a computer, smartphone or tablet via remote connection.
Online tech support is a great way to troubleshoot your device. Compared to on-site servicing, the online method has several advantages:
Lower price
No travel costs for the technician
Time saving
No need to wait for the technician to arrive
Possibility to get online computer tech support any day and at any time.

Purchase options:

One-Time Help
A single support request for one device
24.90 USD
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Annual service
Unlimited number of requests
59.90 USD
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We provide online computer support

Device freezing
Device freezing
Pop-up windows, ads, or viruses
Pop-up windows, ads, or viruses
Error messages
Error messages
Slow operating system and software
Slow operating system and software
Online technical support over the Internet is a universal tool to restore and configure your computer, smartphone or tablet. In this way we can solve almost any problem.

Remotely, we can install any software except for the operating system. We don't work with pirated programs. If you do not wish to pay for the license of a paid program, we may install only the trial version.

This list is far from being complete. To get advice on a specific issue, call or message us.

How is remote computer help carried out?

The first step is to create a request. This can be done in two ways:
Message us in the chat
Use the “Good Deeds Service” app

A one-time request is free for any single device when you order through the app for the first time.

You can download it for Windows on our website, or get it from Google Play or App Store.

The service is carried out using TeamViewer. After our employee contacts you, you need to run the application on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and tell the technician the ID and password to connect.

Contact «Good Deeds Service»

Available around the clock
If you need remote computer help, contact us! The service is available 24/7
Fixed price
The cost of services is fixed both for a one-time request and for an unlimited annual subscription. In the latter case, you can make any number of requests during the year
Experienced professionals
Or team consists of 90 experienced professionals who are ready to promptly provide service or advice.

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