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Online help with laptop problems

Every day many people use laptops in their work, studies and hobbies. People work, play, watch movies and evening shows on the same device. No doubt, nobody wants to be facing the issues when laptops fail. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens and that is when you need our help.

The aim of our team is to help people with issues of laptops. What do we mean by those issues? Here is a very short list:

Laptop not answering any commands
Ads messages and viruses pop-ups
Unstable internet connection
Laptop overheating
Additional hard- and software installation

The examples given above are very few; we fix various problems of a much bigger list.

How does it work?
Using remote connection, we scan your laptop. When the scan is over, we see what exactly wrong is with your device, and we provide assistance with the same connection. It can be software updating, virus cleaning, and hardware improved connection and so on.
Purchase options:
One-Time Help
A single support request for one device
24.90 USD
Annual service
Unlimited number of requests
59.90 USD

What sets us apart from other companies in the market?

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